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Get on-time delivery of affordably priced Non-Woven Fabric, Plain Non Woven Fabric, Printed Spunbond Non Woven Fabric, Monofilament Yarn, Monofilament Cloth, Niwar, Mono Cloth and other products.

Company Overview-Know About Global Non Woven Fabric

With an aim to forge partnerships with clients from all over India and beyond, we, Global Non Woven Fabric, as our name implies, bring to the market a large variety of fabrics and products that find use in the traditional absorbent and allied industries. As a non woven fabric manufacturer & wholesaler, we build products sporting standard form surface, good tear strength and excellent porosity for industrial market applications. Our soft, non toxic and breathable range includes Plain Non Woven Fabric, Printed Spunbond Non Woven Fabric, Mono Filament Yarn And Corn, Mono Scaled Cloth, etc. We are also experts in offering Lining Niwar in bulk that are made at our own plant and demanded for being high quality, chemical resistant and environmentally friendly.

Since 2012, we have been standing tall as a company that effectively caters to a diverse industrial client base, especially from the healthcare sector where our fabric range is chosen for creating a qualitative line of surgical gowns, dressings, drapes, sutures, bedding, and more. 

Today, we can meet needs of high grade fabrics as and when clients need them because of our large and robust plant in Bhavnagar city industrial Area, 251 GIDC, Chitra, in the state of Gujarat. As this plant has a capacity of 1.6 mtr, we can easily come up with all around solutions for non woven fabrics in multiple sizes and types, as per specific client demands. The monthly production capacity is 150 Ton, which can be scaled up too, as the need arises. 

We have a Sister Consultant Company that has 6 Mono Filament Yarn Machines and boast of monthly manufacturing capacity of 110 Ton. We walk hand in hand with our sister concern that too has sufficient manufacturing capacity and high standards and strict quality requirements in place just like us, and proudly serve a range of industrial fabrics for the Indian industry. In the future, we wish to be well positioned in business so that we can provide our quality assured range to other clients who are based across various global markets. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to take necessary actions and fulfill all promises made to clients so that we can secure their 100% satisfaction. We know that in a market cluttered with Plain Non Woven Fabric, Mono Filament Yarn And Corn, Printed Spunbond Non Woven Fabric, etc., of various types, colours and quality, we can be on clients most preferred suppliers list, if we live by this mission and move ahead in business along with clients through hard work and win-win trust and cooperation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bank on our manufacturing intelligence and business integrity to better serve clients from not only India but all across the world. We aspire to make a mark as a globally-reputed name engaged in the export of eco-friendly and exclusive nonwoven fabrics and also work towards building a sustainable environment as we build our business and take it to the next level.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

Providing eco-friendly and client-friendly solutions to desirous customers might be easy but attaining their long-term partnership requires arduous efforts. We know this and have therefore appointed a team that knows how to handle professional equipment, professional work pressures, professional inquiries and still stay committed and motivated in business. As the efforts of the team is geared towards achieving total customer satisfaction, we do our bit too by providing our team members with a professional environment where we together cultivate a culture of trust, collaboration and good team play. Our setup boosts productivity of individual team members and ensures dictated quality norms remain unaltered at all levels. We encourage total employee involvement so that not only the clients who choose Global Non Woven Fabric but also the employees who choose to work with our company equally remain proud of their choices.

Management Team

Crusading through business and meeting all goals is not a task for us as we have the rewarding support of thoroughly qualified professionals working as a part of our management. This pioneering, enterprising and innovative management team steers our company in the right direction so that we are 100% sure that our quality enriched products like Mono Filament Yarn And Corn, Plain Non Woven Fabric, Printed Spunbond Non Woven Fabric, etc., extra mile services, and our efforts for customer value creation are brought to fruition as we move ahead. Our Managing Directors are:

  • Khodabhai Navadiya: He is working as the Purchase Director of our company. He has an experience of over 20 years in Plastic Line. With his belief that right management skills are imperative for business growth, he ensures quality intensive techniques are practiced in the overall purchase wing of the organisation.
  • Haresh Vachhani: He is working as the Marketing Director of our company. He too has work experience of almost 20 years in Plastic Line. His focus is on ensuring the company remains competitive in business through adoption of leading-edge marketing activities that are conducted as per regulated norms of the business.
  • Vipul Khut: He is working as the Production Director of the company. He has an overall experience of 10 years in Plastic Line and oversees that performance improves as our company makes strides by coming up with a range developed as per new features and innovation techniques.

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